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Monica and Dave Kirk, Northern California locals, are the owners and operators of Napadreamin Wine Parties, a custom wine education and party business. Located in the Sierra Foothills AVA, we are committed to taking small parties of 6-50 people on a tasting journey to experience wines from world famous, prestigious, and family owned boutique wineries in the Renowned French and Northern California Wine Country. Monica says her focus is to help you discover the “hidden gems” that cannot be found in the BIG BOX stores. The wines you will taste are made by passionate families who produce their wines concentrating on quality rather than quantity.  Small production and handcrafted wines are their specialties.

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Monica talks about her journey  

I have lived all over the United States but something keeps calling me back to Northern California.  I have returned for the third time and am proud to call this my home.  I have received certificates of completion in Wine Immersion and Wine Industry programs from the Culinary Institute in America, St. Helena campus, in the Career Discovery program in the Wine Studies Department, and Napa Valley College in Tour Guide training.  I have been a docent with the Napa County Historical Society and have held wine education classes in the Sacramento and Napa areas, and even in New Jersey.
My love affair with Northern California began in the 1960s when I came to Sonoma County with my family to visit other family members.  It‘s rustic beauty charmed me, and later it became a place of healing and reflection.  
Through all my moves around the country my affection for this area never faded.   I had the opportunity to begin revisiting on a regular basis in 2005 and have returned on a yearly basis prior to relocating here permanently in 2011. That first visit back to Napa ignited a desire within me to be able to share with others the wonderful wines that are produced by the small family owned vineyards. I love seeing the light go on in my guest’s eyes when they experience all the connections that exist between the vineyard owner, the vineyard workers, the climate, the soil, the berries, the barrels and the history. This journey expanded when I started to taste and enjoy wines from other AVAs in Northern and Central California. These areas produce stellar wines that simply must be experienced.

Dave talks about his journey

I have moved many times in my life. Each area has had wonderful people and distinct, positive features. But no matter I have lived when I am asked where my favorite spot has been to live, I will always say Northern California, especially north of San Francisco. The rugged natural beauty coupled with the outdoor life-style make this ideal for discovery. A large part of my training has been in Music. I have been fortunate enough to receive graduate and post-graduate degrees in Music performance. Whether singing for a living or for the joy and beauty of it, that has nurtured a love for being with others and having a memorable time. Helping others to enjoy these times and make these memories motivates me to do all i can to learn and improve.

That improvement has led me to pursue the mastery of tasting and pairing of wines. Over the last 12 years I have had the distinct pleasure of sampling and noting over 115 different varietals of wine. That does come to about one new varietal each month for 12 years. Hmmm.... I love it when people learn why they like certain wines and do not some others. You see, that is just fine. There are thousands of varieties of grapes. We all can find something, can't we?

Let us add to your event or dinner. You might like the operatic tenor or you might like a more smooth sound, that's okay. But one thing I know, you will find a wine you will truly enjoy and have a great memory.


We will consult and coordinate everything necessary to have a grand sampling of AVAs in Northern California. These parties are a more personal way to experience the best from California wine country in the comfort of your own home. Much safer, much more fun together, much more enjoyment by all.


We believe in creating amazing in-home wine tastings where the wineries come to life and the quality exceeds your expectations. Just like in our tasting rooms, you and your guests can sample the wines first – then if you love them, you can order by the bottle or by the case and save even more. We also reward you, the host, with a fantastic discount on your favorite wine selections at the tasting just for opening your home to us. We are sure that you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime as we transport the elegance of the wine country directly to your home.

  • Personalized wine list based on your needs and price point
  • Concierge Service to gather wines for the experience
  • Expert Wine Guide at the event
  • 45- 90 minutes of personalized tasting (depending on total number of wines)

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The napa experience-

This party is for the wine enthusiast who either is taking their first real dive into Napa boutique wines or is unfamiliar with the hidden gems of the Napa Valley and Sonoma County. This 2 hour party for 6 - 8 gives an exciting overview and introduces the guests to wines made with passion and care.

These are finest wines and come from wineries owned by families who have for years made exquisite wines. The wines in this experience average between $60-$350 per bottle and will come from boutique wineries. These will be their best, non-distributed wines. These will be their best non-distributed wines typically available only to those who can get a special tasting at the winery. Only we will bring them to you.

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Your Kind Words

THANK YOU again for a wonderful time!!  On the first day the group's expectations were exceeded and we all wondered how you would be able to top it on the second day-but you did!  We can't begin to tell you how fun it was, each wine unique and great...
We had a lot of fun on our time with you.We have raved to all our friends about your service. So any friend will get a recommendation to contact you.  Cathy and Tracy
What a great tour we had over Thanksgiving weekend!  Looking forward to more tours with Napadreamin leading the way.  Joel and Jaime
Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday!                     Kathy and Jeff J.
Even the impromptu tasting we received was educational and fun.  Thanks.  Wes and Alana.
We had a great time Sunday! Thanks!  Chris & Claudia B
Thanks for the wonderful tastings you have led me through! I appreciated the dedication and passion of the small family owned wineries... I had awesome times. Lynne L
What a great time Napadreamin showed us. All of our friends had a great time. John and Gale V